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Contrepreneur Bingo • Russell Brunson - Best Funnel Builders

Contrepreneur Bingo • Russell Brunson

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Welcome back to a very special edition of Contrepreneur BINGO!

This week is the guy who got my original Contrepreneur Formula video removed from YouTube with a false copyright claim, RUUSSSEELLLLL BRUUUUNNNSSSSOOOONNNNN.

You’ve heard the phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

Well, Russy B is the go to arms dealer for many aspiring Contreprenuer. And he isn’t shy about it. It’s his software, his formula.

I could have a field day with content on this guy, ladies and gentlemen ….

Grab your bingo cards and play along.

The CEO of D**kFunnels Brussel Runson!

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