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Setting up Email SMTP with ClickFunnels - Quick Start Guide - Best Funnel Builders

Setting up Email SMTP with ClickFunnels – Quick Start Guide

🚀The process of setting up email smpt with clickfunnels is not an easy process, but in this video a created a quick start guide tutorial. Subscribe 🔔: 👈

Setting up your SMTP settings is not the most exciting part of using ClickFunnels, but it is necessary to be able to send emails to your customers.

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For those that don’t understand why they need this, ClickFunnels doesn’t actually have any kind of email sending service. They just have software that connects to another service (SMTP) and they do all of the sending. That’s why I am providing these easy to follow instructions. Please see below:

Step 1. Enter your Integration Information

* Select the Account drop-down menu
* Select SMTP Settings
* Click the “Setup email sending” button
* Title – This is the name of your integration. This is for your internal reference only.
* From Name – The name displayed as the sender when a contact receives an e-mail you have scheduled.
* From Email – The e-mail displayed as the sender when a contact receives an e-mail you have scheduled.
* SMTP Server –
* SMTP Port – 587
* SMTP User – Your SendGrid Username
* SMTP Password — Your SendGrid Password
* SMTP Domain –
* Domain – Select the domain you will be utilizing for this SMTP
* Address – Enter your business’s physical address 
* SMTP Footer – Your SMTP Footer is the information that will be included in the footer of all your emails. This footer area supports HTML code.

Step 2. Add Your Webhook to Sendgrid
* Copy the Webhook from your SMTP Integrations settings in ClickFunnels.
* Open Sendgrid.
* Navigate to Settings, Mail Settings, Event Notification.
* After you have navigated to this page in SendGrid, click the “Off” button to turn Event Notifications “On”. The button should turn green.
* Select the check boxes for Dropped, Bounced, Unsubscribed From, and Mark as Spam.
* Paste your ClickFunnels webhook into the HTTP POST URL input in Sendgrid.
* Click “Test integration.”
* Click the Blue Check Mark to save.

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