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$10,000/Day Affiliate Marketing Dream 🔥 Honest Talks with @OkAnkit - Best Funnel Builders

$10,000/Day Affiliate Marketing Dream 🔥 Honest Talks with @OkAnkit

In this video, I have interviewed @OkAnkit where we are having a casual talk about affiliate marketing, mindset, money, success and life. He has shared his journey of failing multiple online ventures, and finally achieving the the monetary goal $1,000/day with affiliate marketing.

I hope you like the video 🙂

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OkAnkit Instaram –

00:00 Intro
00:24 Welcome
00:49 About OkAnkit
02:05 OkAnkit journey from job to multiple failed online ventures
04:22 Importance of focusing on ONE thing
05:44 How Ankit learned affiliate marketing and his mentors
08:00 Best and cheapest source of knowledge
09:33 Always learning and implementing new things
10:07 Ankit’s vision and goals
12:17 Laziness and hardwork
12:57 How law of attraction works and manifestation
16:52 How should a beginner start affiliate marketing?
20:37 How problems help you move ahead in life
20:55 Do not complicate affiliate marketing
22:57 Should you quit your job for affiliate marketing?
26:00 Passive income is a lie
28:02 Problems of online entrepreneurship
28:33 Benefits of online business
29:00 Some tips for success
29:56 OkAnkit’s failed job interview
31:28 Learn to learn
32:26 Short term & long term goals
35:07 What will you do after retirement?
36:36 Rat race
37:22 Advice from OkAnkit
38:50 My review about OkAnkit
40:28 Outro

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